ПОСТА / 007


Mark Fridvalszki

07.05 - 05.06.2022

Images: Kalin Serapionov

Archeo-futurology, the excavation of visual remains of lost futures
and modernist visions in a post-futuristic, atemporal age, has become the prime method in the art of the artist.
The meta-collages, composed of visual materials of two distinct but in many ways parallel futuristic periods – the years around 1968 as the culmination point of "Popular Modernism" and the years of 1989 with a special emphasis on the Rave movement's struggle against the neoliberal invasion of cultural and political imagination – are the sensual results of a seemingly paradox strategy of digging up the past in search of the future, unearthing the still potent utopian impulses repressed by the antimodern consensus. Fuelled by a nostalgia for an optimistic, collective future, what the artist creates are artistic devices for a hauntological strategy to summon the exorcised ghosts of Modernity in order to break through the temporal claustrophobia of our presentist age.The show is following the above mentioned interests and focusing on the lack of utopian moments and collective futurities.

Mark Fridvalszki (born in 1981 in Budapest, lives and works in Berlin)
graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 2011 and was a postgraduate Meisterschüler student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig (2014–2017). Fridvalszki is the co-initiator and graphic editor of the publishing project and cross-disciplinary collective Technologie und das Unheimliche or T+U (since 2014).


The exhibition is funded by the Liszt Intézet Szófia and Sofia City Municipality, Programme "Culture"