ПОСТА / 006

ice cream headache /emma rssx

14.04 - 04.05.2022

POSTA 006Ice cream headache happens when we devour something extremely cold and our brain “freezes”, usually associated with eating ice cream and the bittersweet layer of the action itself, the inevitable pain in the overall pleasure within.Through the vast of space, language, and, eventually, our own subconscious, Emma’s work follows a quest for the ultimate, the heart, that is, both lost and forgotten, but at the same time, constantly present. Ice cream headache (I scream headache (; ) stands for the pataphysical ways in which the I sometimes, often enough, finds meanings.The work deals with the cavities and wrinkles of living tissue (brain, veins, heart) as if they were places. Emma rssx often untangles problems of language and spoken word, connecting dots, getting lost. Is the labyrinth a game or is it a prison?
Wandering through the paths of the maze, “Ice cream headache” unites the corporal and mental conditions of the human(ly).

Emma Rssx (1996) works and lives between Bordeaux (FR) and Sofia (BG). She graduated from Bordeaux Montaigne University (Bordeaux, FR) and Macquarie University (Sydney, AU) in 2018 and received a diploma in Visual Arts in 2021 from HEAD Genève (Geneva, CH). Her work has been shown in group exhibitions at CAPC musée d’art contemporain, Bordeaux (2021); Galerie Fabienne Lévy, Lausanne (2021); Prenzlauer Studio, Berlin (2021) and will be shown at Continuum, Bordeaux for a first solo show in September(2022).The event is part of FIG.2.
Funded by Sofia City Municipality

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